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Whether as an organisation or as an individual, there are times when we need a different perspective to make a 'breakthrough'. With an open mind and commitment to the process,

Sanjiv will help you get there.

Keynote Speaker

A sign of a great organisation is its ability to take the sum of its individuals and multiply it by bringing out the best in them; working towards a shared purpose and vision. Wherever you are on this journey, Sanjiv can help. No path to success is easy, but it is those with the ability to see opportunity where others see roadblocks, that ultimately rise to the top. If you’re looking for someone who can bring insight and inspiration, with years of experience addressing captains of industry and budding leaders of the future, look no further.  With his unique story telling style, Sanjiv is a speaker who inspires and engages with his audience at a deeper level.



Are you at a crossroads in your personal or professional life and are seeking that safe, insightful sounding board to help you grow? Someone who can help you navigate your choices and help you ‘look inside’ so you can make powerful insightful decisions that drive your future?
All you need to do is be willing to see things with a different lens, promise to take time out to invest in yourself and be accountable for the decisions you take, so that soon you will be the change you want to see. From CEOs and entrepreneurs to those navigating their early careers, Sanjiv has had a lasting impact on many lives.



Sanjiv’s unique storytelling style combines ancient wisdom with the latest business insights, opening minds and leaving a lasting change in his audience. His joy lies in helping others progress, and that feeling underlies his holistic, empathetic approach and why he is trusted by some of the top academics and business minds in the world. He’ll design a solution around your needs, so if you’re looking for someone who will create a positive change in your organisation, push delegates to think beyond their limits, challenge themselves and learn every step of the way, you’ve reached the right place.


Life Coach

Are you feeling a lack of ‘balance’ or ‘harmony’ in your life? Not sure if you’re on the right track or where you are in the big picture? You may or may not know what’s causing it or indeed, what’s missing. If you’re looking for someone who can guide you, inspire you, or simply help you think through your choices - a safe space where you will gain clarity and insight from someone whose entire ethos is about improving your life, and helping you attain success, your search stops here. You have to be invested in the journey, in the process, be open, and be ready to challenge yourself. A deeper understanding of yourself is a really good place to start - Sanjiv helps you do just that!


Bring clarity and purpose to your vision